Still Being Alive After Breast Cancer is a Mystery to Them

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2001, which led me to the United Kingdom seeking for treatment. There, on the television, I came across Dr. Lorraine Day and bought her video. Dr. Day recommended your book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health,' which I bought, read, and believed this was the way to my recovery!

I immediately changed my diet and stopped all medications at once. The Lord visited me in a dream, rebuked the spirit behind the disease. I cleaved to my Hallelujah Diet, recovered quite speedily, and have been healthy and strong since January 2002.

I want to spend as much time as the Lord will permit me. Personally, my desire is to spend all my life telling my countryman, 'You Don't Have To Be sick!' By God's grace, as a pastor's wife, I have constant women fellowships with the women in the church and sometimes I organize a statewide women's fellowship that gathers women ranging 500 to 2,000, depending on location. Those who know me personally have no problem listening because of my still being alive after breast cancer is a mystery to them. They have been desiring to know how I got well, and I have been sharing The Hallelujah Diet with them. A few of them have already changed their diet and lifestyle and are seeing tremendous results.

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