First I want to say 'thank-you' for having the desire to help people heal themselves, and open their eyes to their unhealthy eating habits.

My husband and I started The Hallelujah Diet on November 13, 2005. Since then, I have more energy, my memory and vision have improved, the goiter in my throat is shrinking, and a skin cancer on my chest is almost completely gone. My husband's arthritis in his fingers doesn't bother him as much, he's got more energy, better memory, and we both don't need as much sleep as we used to.

We both noticed since we started eating the hallelujah way, that food tastes more flavorful and delicious. I had asked God to bless and guide me to a healthier lifestyle and He answered my prayers by guiding me to the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida. Dave and Sherry Orcutt who run the Center are wonderful and very inspirational people. My kitchen is now set up like Sherry's so that I can easily prepare healthy meals. Thank you for all you have done for so many others and me. God Bless You!

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