I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2004. Immediately upon learning of my cancer diagnosis, my husband began searching for information on the internet. This search led him to Dr. Lorraine Day and Hallelujah Diet, and after further research we chose to pursue God's diet rather than the doctor's recommendations to combat my breast cancer. As a result of making a simple diet change, I have been cancer free for almost four and one-half years now, and I praise the Lord daily that it was your ministry that gave me the much needed information I sought and longed for. Thank you so much!

Now I would like to help others realize that there is an alternative to the drug, burn, cut modalities the doctor's offer for breast cancer, it is an alternative way I call 'God's Way!' I have friends and family along with acquaintances who have received bad news over the years about a physical problem they were suffering with, problems that I feel could have been reversed through a simple change in what they ate, if only they had the correct knowledge. I am attending Health Minister training so that I will be equipped to adequately present this information to others so that they too can be restored to health through a simple change in diet, just as I have been.

I received Jesus Christ into my life at a very early age. I have taught Sunday school, worked in Children's Church, worked with young people, and even went as a missionary in my teen years to Germany to do tent evangelism. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I knew too much about God and His healing power to just accept the fate the doctors told me I would face it and I refused their treatments. I believe it was God's direction, at a time when I was in great need that brought me to Hallelujah Diet.

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