PSA Count Was Down To 8.6 From A High Of 12.6

Dear Brother in Christ, I mentioned in my phone call to Olin a few days ago the good news is my recent blood work. I learned that my PSA count was down to 8.6 from a high of 12.6 so in reality it has dropped a total of 4.0 points altogether. I attribute this to three factors - what Nila & I choose to refer to as PEP - Prayer, Exercise and Proper Diet.

We have both had significant weight loss. I went from 204 pounds to a current 161. Both of us have noticed that our hiatal hernia problems are gone. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are approaching the normal, healthy range. Our energy levels are up. The arthritis problem in my knee is almost totally eliminated. Where I once had a walking problem I am now able to take extended walks, even do a small amount of jogging. I can work out on our trampoline without discomfort. My skin has cleared up.

I am currently drinking about 40 ounces of raw carrot juice a day with three teaspoons of dehydrated barley juice powder. As a retired pastor/preacher I am excited at prospects of sharing the message with the church whenever I have opportunity. I am a living testimony as to the effectiveness of the Hallelujah Diet.

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