Praising God for Dramatic Change in Health and Appearance

Thank you for sharing the message that the Lord has for us. He has removed the veil from our eyes and now we see how to obtain and maintain health so clearly. This Hallelujah Diet will enable us to minister much further into the future without the distraction of health issues.

My husband and I have only been on the diet a few weeks but noticed a difference instantly in energy levels and have both lost 6-pounds without trying. Also, our 5-year old loves you George. He has asked to watch your Green Star video over and over again, and pretends he is Rev. George. He tells everyone who comes to see us about the 'dual gears.' It has been a breeze to get him to drink carrot juice because he is so excited about the Green Star after watching the video. Can you believe I picked up your 'The Hallelujah Diet' book in
Wal-mart and that was the first time we had ever heard about Hallelujah Acres and .

I wasn't even looking for a book and didn't think we had health issues, but the Lord directed me right to that book and I read it through that very night and we went on The Hallelujah Diet the next morning. We are planning on coming to Hallelujah Acres in August for your Big Summer Health Conference and look forward to shaking your hand.

Dear Rev. George, After seeing our testimony printed in this week's Health Tip, I wanted to write back and give an update after another 4-weeks on The Hallelujah Diet, totaling 6-weeks. My husband and I have now lost 20 pounds each without trying, our eyesight has improved, our skin is clearer, we no longer need deodorant, and we have a healthy glow. We both have unbelievable energy and feel the best we have ever felt. We are sleeping 8 hours a night and waking up refreshed (prior to the diet change we struggled to sleep and often took Ambien.)

However, the most amazing change is with our son Ethan. He is now 5-years old and has been allergic to cow's milk since birth. He has also been allergic to various additives in food, so his diet has included mostly goat's milk, fruits, veggies and some meat to help him maintain his weight. He has been to the hospital 10-times and has seen many specialists for his various symptoms. After difficult testing, he was diagnosed with severe reflux, asthma, eczema, and allergies. He has also had 4-surgeries and we have had to use the Heimlich maneuver on him 8-times due to reflux.

After just 6-weeks on the diet, including carrot juice, BarleyMax, fresh fruits and vegetables and no animal products, our precious son has no more symptoms of any kind ! We are so excited; you may hear a 'Hallelujah' being shouted out from Indianapolis, because we are praising the Lord for this miraculous recovery and answer to prayers! Our son is normally covered with a rash and welts and now he doesn't even have one spot. He used to vomit at least once a week, but hasn't even one time since the diet change. His acid reflux (for which we had given him Prilosec, starting at the age of 2), is completely gone.

One of our biggest concerns was trying to keep weight on his body, and since the diet change he has gained 2-pounds. He now has easy bowel movements daily and all the stomach pain burping and burning is gone! Our son looks amazingly different and everyone that has prayed for him since birth is praising God because of the dramatic change in his health and appearance.

Many others are starting The Hallelujah Diet themselves because of our precious son's obvious health improvements. This is the first time that he has gone 6-weeks without any medical intervention since he was born. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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