After PJ drank his Barley Max this morning I just had to get a picture. Then I thought I just had to send it to you! He goes, "mmmmm" all the way through the drink. When he was 1 1/2 to about 3 he would eat the Barley Max Capsules like popcorn and give us a big green smile! There is a time of day that most moms know as the 'granny hour' usually around 4-5pm in the afternoon when we are trying to get dinner on the table. That is the time when a baby will get fussy and want to be held. Well PJ would start to get fussy and ask for his Barley Max. His little body would seem to know what he needed to make everything right and sure enough he would feel better and get happy; I could finish dinner.

PJ's favorite morning drink his "Carrot Max". It is a drink mix of Carrot Max, Nutritional Essentials and UDO's with DHA. (Before UDO's came with DHA I would empty a DHA cap into it.) PJ requests this drink every morning.

PJ became a Hallelujah baby when at 8 months he developed croup that hospitalized him on Christmas Eve. Then every time it got cold (we live in FL) that croup would come back. He ended up doing nebulizer treatments during those times and the docs wanted to do oral steroids which I would not do.

PJ was solely breastfed and right after this began happening I went on the Hallelujah Diet. Guess what?! PJ stopped getting the severe croup and we stopped having to do the treatments. PJ has never been to the doctors for a sore throat, ear infection or anything else! PJ is my 8th child. All my other children had what are considered normal, on the SAD, childhood ailments. I.E: sore throats, ear infections, asthma etc. Not PJ, after I changed my diet! Thought you would like to know.

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