Dear Rev. Malkmus, Thank you so very much for your great ministry that has helped so many people. I went on your program back in 1998, and was able to get rid of all my health problems. Unfortunately, I went overseas to Egypt and Lebanon to visit my husband and my families, and found myself eating meat and sweets again as we were invited over and over again to eat at relatives' and friends' homes.

I thought that I would be able to get back on the diet as soon as I came back to the US, but this did not happen. For so many years, and right up until almost a month ago, I was going back and forth on the diet, and because of lack of sleep and bad eating habits, all my physical problems came back. I know that with God's help, I will stick to the diet this time and that I will stay away from all those unhealthy foods.

I already have a health ministry started in Egypt, as one Egyptian lady has become cancer free on The Hallelujah Diet. She went on The Hallelujah Diet back in 1997. Her brother is a minister in Egypt (a medical doctor) and is very interested in the diet. We have about 10 people on the diet now, and they are all doing very well.

I'm hoping to attend the Health Minister training in November (I will be sending the application in the next few days). I have a dream of starting a Health Retreat in Egypt, and hopefully in Lebanon, following The Hallelujah Diet principles. The Health Retreat would probably appeal to a lot of people in the neighboring countries, as it will be a lot cheaper then traveling to Europe or the U.S.

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