At age 18, my family turned to juicing and whole foods when my baby sister became ill with heart
problems. I had serious tonsillitis problems after growing up on an Iowa farm on a meat and potatoes life style. So I know and feel the difference between living and dead foods.

I believe strongly in how the body functions and in what God put on this earth to sustain us. I see what man has done to foods for financial gain, by having a longer shelf life. Mankind is dying on dead food! Everything we put into the body either blesses it or destroys it. All disease (sickness) is a result of the choices man makes - either out of ignorance or lack of discipline. The God's of the Medical Profession, and Dairy and Beef Industries are brainwashing mankind, and sending them to an early grave. I love mankind and want to help them see a happier and healthier life!

Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet, Pamela has seen the following physical improvements. I now have regular bowel movements; eyesight has improved; energy has increased; weight loss of 10 pounds.

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