Through The Hallelujah Diet, God worked a miracle after a massive removal of squamous cell carcinoma, called right neck discectomy. The surgeon removed my right jugular vein, right tonsil, right saliva gland, 37 lymph nodes, 4 malignant tumors, and scraped my right shoulder tendon to the size of a noodle, saving the use of my right arm which was in doubt, and 'overhauling' my throat.

After stopping radiation with the 14th treatment of 33 assigned for me to take, I turned to The Hallelujah Diet through the guidance of a Christian nurse at the hospital at the time. Within 10-days of beginning the diet, god started turning my health around. I shared my testimony at Health Minister Training in November 2000, and then you printed my testimony in Back to the Garden. In the nearly eight years of being on The Hallelujah Acres Diet, I have told hundreds of people about the diet, and seen marvelous things happen in the bodies and lives of those who adopted the diet, and the death of others who started the diet, but stopped, saying they could not give up their SAD diet. That is not only sad, but also pathetic.

I am now 76-years-old and i am in great health, teaching several courses in Florida Real Estate Licensing in a large real estate school by closed circuit TV. Dr Malkmus, keep on doing what you are doing. The depth, breadth, and extent of your labors will not be known until we stand before our Creator and Savior at the Judgment. I tell people that I am so healthy now that when I sneeze, 3 people get healed! God bless you richly.

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