I was introduced to the Hallelujah Diet quite a number of years ago but was never seriously involved. My brother-in-law is a Health Minister with Hallelujah Diet, and he and his family inspired me to start on this diet.

One of the health problems I have had was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), plus for years I had suffered almost daily with headaches and sinus problems. My first step was to cut out all dairy products, and with just the elimination of milk and milk products, my headaches and sinus problems were greatly reduced.

The next step was to cut out meat. Since cutting out meat, I have noticed a great reduction in pain in my colon and I now very rarely suffer from what was almost a daily occurrence before. I am not totally on the diet yet (sugar is a big problem for me) but I can already eat salads and raw veggies, which I could not do before without problems. One of my prayers for so long was to be able to eat salads on a regular basis. That prayer has been answered. Thank you to all at Hallelujah Diet.

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