In June of 2004, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. One week later, I had my annual mammogram and a golf-ball sized mass showed up. My doctor wanted to immediately start me on insulin and wanted me to see a surgeon, but he didn't want me to "panic just yet"! I was so stunned. I just said, "No, I need to think, give me a week."

The day of the results of my mammogram, my husband and I went to a local health food store and told them of my "issues". They showed us a flier taped to their counter for a group called "Hallelujah Acres". They were having a meeting that night! We went! The following day, we began the H.A. program, in earnest!

Within one week my glucose level was totally controlled. I have never had to begin those insulin injections! I recently had a 6 month follow-up mammogram. The golf-ball sized mass is gone, except for a tiny dot, half the size of a small pea! My doctor was very confused, but thrilled!

Before this program, I had many other medical issues, serious issues, but I was only concerned with the diabetes and the mass. What happened in the following month was totally unexpected, but truly an answered prayer! My palpitations and chest pains stopped! Severe reflux went away! Deep depression, gone! I was able to discontinue three of the four arthritis medications, the worst ones! I have discontinued and entire box of medications: Cardizem, Inderal, Prevacid, Nexium, Zolft, Vicodin, Vioxx and Methatrexate. Nor more antibiotics! I have more energy than I have had in 30 years! I can barely contain my enthusiasm for life! An extra added attraction is that 70 pounds has fallen off of me and is still going!! Hallelujah! God is Great! His blessings are bountiful!

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