My Insurance Premium Is Now Half of What I Am Paying

I am a health minister from Stafford, VA and appeared on the cover page of a past issue of Back to the Garden because of my cure of ulcerative colitis. Just writing to let you and your readers know about a financial benefit from being on the Hallelujah Diet that they may not be aware existed.

When I started the diet in Nov. of 2001 I was taking 16 pills a day for the ulcerative colitis and high blood pressure. Because of the medication and condition I was classified as a high risk for the term life insurance policy I had taken out two years earlier. Last month was the five year anniversary of the policy and because of my age (57) and prior health problems, the monthly cost was going to double. The agent asked if there were any significant changes to my health and I told him about loosing 30 pounds, blood pressure 115/70 without medication, no ulcerative colitis, no arthritis, improved eyesight, energy to run 5 miles easy day, extremely dry skin clearing up, bleeding gum condition gone, teeth whiter, and on and on.

He scheduled a medical exam and as a result my insurance premium is now half of what I am paying. there is enough savings to cover the BarleyMax, Fiber Cleanse, B-12, B-6 Folic Acid supplement, and the Udo's Choice3 Perfected Oil blend that I am taking for the whole year. I don't have to buy aspirin, cold medicines, tissues, antacids, or laxatives. My snacks are raw fruits and vegetables and salads are usually the cheapest items on the menu when I go out to eat. Thank you again for letting me and others know that you don't have to be sick (or poor).

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