My Body Now Has Muscle Instead of Fat Tissue

I made my diet change to The Hallelujah Diet in February of 1998, over four years ago. At the time I made the change, I was facing surgery of the bowel for diverticulosis and had been suffering from Lupus for many years and was deteriorating. My body was riddled with arthritis, which limited movement and activity level. I also suffered from other illnesses, such as migraines, chemical sensitivity, hemorrhoids, and a prolapsed uterus. I had already had three lots of benign cancers removed over the years and had suffered with severe degeneration of the spine in my early twenties which caused me to loose 2-3 inches in height.

I survived by struggling through each day, spending much time in my recliner, immersing my hands in hot water each morning to get them moving, and a variety of other survival strategies. My weight had peaked when younger at 115 kgs. (253 pounds). At the time I adopted The Hallelujah Diet, I was still almost 100 kgs. (220 pounds) at 5' 8" in height.

Within a few months of making the diet change, I was a different person. My weight had dropped by 30 kgs. (66 pounds), to 70 kgs. (154 pounds). I could walk without pain. I did not go for the diverticulosis surgery, and by September 1999, I commenced membership in a gym and have been working out and doing weights ever since. I never would have believed that I could walk 10 kilometers every day, including jogging, without pain in my joints. I never knew that going to the toilet need not be a painful affair that took 30 minutes to accomplish, until after I made the diet change.

My blood tests continue to show no sign of lupus or arthritis, as do the X-rays taken every now and then when I injure myself horseback riding. I now have energy to live life to the fullest. I have met and married a wonderful Christian man who has taught me to ride. He is healthy and full of life and energy and needed someone who could share his life. Now, since making the diet change, I certainly can. I go to bed at 10:00 p.m. each night because that is what you do Dr. Malkmus, I awake at 5:00 a.m., and am at the gym at 5:30 a.m., and again in the afternoon.

My body now has muscle instead of fat tissue; my organs have regenerated, instead of degenerated; my skin and eyes are clear; I now have a healthy bottom (imagine riding in a saddle all day without a healthy one!), and my whole outlook on life, and daily coping ability and energy levels are so much better. It was a lady who first gave me a copy of your books. I read them both non-stop and made the decision to change my life. I have since delivered a series of workshops showing people how to prepare and serve living food. These classes have been very popular. Cheers, and God Bless!

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