I truly believe in the Hallelujah Acres message and want to have its 'certification' to back me up as I teach and lead others in changing their eating habits in order to build a healthy lifestyle. I began The Hallelujah Diet fighting and kicking, but did adopt the diet to support my bride as she began her search for health.

Before adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I ate everything that didn't eat me first and lots of it! I cooked for large groups, preparing the SAD meals of burgers, hot dogs, and pork BBQ. I literally 'lived to eat!' It was very hard for me to accept a 'no animal product' lifestyle. And I literally questioned every change suggested by the Health Minister leading the Get Healthy classes my wife and I attended.

However, as my wife and I started making these diet changes, things started to not only happen for my wife, but also for me! I began losing weight. My arthritis began disappearing as did many other ailments. Within 6-months of starting the diet I had my annual checkup and my doctor reported that my blood work was outstanding! My cholesterol had dropped 70 points and my blood pressure had dropped from its 10-year average of 145/88 to 120/68! My doctor almost cried as she said, 'you won't need me anymore!' In addition, my energy level surpasses almost everyone else. I can out stand, out walk, and out work all of my adult children and their children. My eye sight is improving all the time, and thus far I have had to have my eye glass prescription reduced twice. I feel so good, and am trying to lead others to become just as healthy as I now am!

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