I started the HD in October with my husband and 5 year old son. The Lord led me to it one year ago, and I'm ashamed to say I refused. He didn't give up on me however, and after a change of heart through prayer, we went on the diet 'cold turkey', without the turkey.

I have been diagnosed with Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome. This has caused severe menstrual irregularity (never two normal cycles in a row in my life), and infertility problems. I was told by more than one 'specialist' that I should take Provera or some other synthetic estrogen indefinitely to regulate my cycle and also to reduce the risk of Uterine cancer. After 3 weeks on the diet, I could have sworn that I ovulated. About 16 days later I had a period without any help from doctors or drugs. The next month I had the same experience. The periods are very mild-no cramps, bloating, etc. My 3-year battle with constipation is over. The mouth ulcers that used to cover my tonsils for weeks and make me miserable are gone, and I feel great. My husband's nightly acid reflux disappeared the first day! His allergy symptoms are gone, and we have both lost a significant amount of weight.

Thank you for offering this information free of charge to anyone who will listen. God has truly blessed us through your ministry.

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