Shortly after being diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma cancer in January 2001, and given only three months to live, I received a call from a friend I had not seen for 27 years. She told me about The Hallelujah Diet, but I was determined to stick with my radiation, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant treatment plan.

But shortly after one cycle of chemotherapy in March 2001, my neck broke at T1, where they had found a tumor. As a result, I was paralyzed from the neck down and had to go into the hospital for emergency surgery. I stayed in the hospital for 4 months fighting infection and trying to recover enough strength to be able to continue chemotherapy.

At one point, another patient's son came to talk to me and told me how he had been cured of cancer using The Hallelujah Diet. My doctors had given up on me and thought I wouldn't survive much longer. So I started The Hallelujah Diet and begged my family and friends to bring me 'living' food to eat. I was in a race against time, really! I needed physical recovery so that I could continue with the treatment of the cancer. The last Oncologist to visit me in the hospital said 'I could survive perhaps another six months without treatment,' because for some strange reason my cancer seemed to be going into remission.

In July 2001, I was sent home, still paralyzed, but able to get into a wheelchair for a few hours per day. I eventually started standing with a walker, taking steps, and exercising as much as possible. I returned to my Oncologist in August 2001, who said he would hold off treatment for the time being.

Well, nearly a year later, I am still in remission and have had no further treatments! I have been to Dr.
Bernstein, the Multiple Myeloma and bone marrow transplant specialist at Stanford University, for a bone marrow transplant work-up. He says that although I still have signs of the disease in my system, I do not need any transplant at present, and that I can just continue enjoying my good health until a relapse, at which point the bone marrow transplant will be my next treatment.

But it gets better! Not only am I mobile again, I am now walking two to three miles a day, and have not felt in such great shape in years. All my doctors agree I am a medical miracle. But had it not been for that call from my dear friend last year , who knows where I would be today!

I have learned that we can have control over our health by simply changing our habits! God bless you!

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