God bless you richly Dr. George. It's my prayer to meet you personally. I'm from Curacao, the Caribbean and we were on vacation in Miami. My son Matthew of 1 year woke up with a eye swollen. My friend Becky brought us to the hospital and they told us it's a allergy, so Matthew has to stay at the hospital and that was on the 24th of December 2001.

But I know that our God is an awesome God he let us pass through this difficulties and painful times so He could reach our hearts. So Becky my friend and her sister Jenny told me about the diet and how many people got healed, so one night seeing your video my husband Anthony and I were convinced that God want us to changed our eating style. So we decided to do it to the Glory and Honor of God.

We received a bill of $7000 at this hospital and we were on vacation without any money to pay this surprising bill but God did it again, God paid the bill for his glory and honor so people can hear and see and fear our God. Dr. George, my son and all of us are on the Hallelujah diet He eat raw vegetable and many fruits and we didn't give him the medicine anymore. I went for a check-up because I wanted to hear from the mouth of the doctor that Matthew is healthy, so what did my ears hear Matthew is OK.

Praise God I did shout to my God because He only is faithful. I love my Jesus. Dr. George mine desire is to become a health minister because their are many children suffering from many sickness and people here on the island. I cannot hold my mouth when I see people sick and I tell them about our second important decision the Hallelujah diet. I hope someday I can bring you to Curacao your wife and you and so you can know the island and minister to our people.

My friend Becky spoke with you at the restroom in Jacksonville-seminar before the seminar began and she told you about me. I'm so excited to meet your wife and you so my husband and I can grow in this area. Thank you for sharing your testimony with the world. Blessing from Curacao to you and Your wife.

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