No Longer Have To Buy Aspirin, Cold Medicines, Tissues, Antacids, Or Laxatives

I...FEEL LIKE A COMPLETELY NEW PERSON Reading No Longer Have To Buy Aspirin, Cold Medicines, Tissues, Antacids, Or Laxatives 2 minutes Next IF YOU WANT YOUR HEALTH BACK AND CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, START NOW!!
Dear Rev. Malkmus, I am a Health Minister from Stafford, Virginia, and my testimony appeared on the cover page of the Winter/Spring 2003 issue of 'Back to the Garden' #23, because of my cure of ulcerative colitis, after going on The Hallelujah Diet.

I am just writing to let you and your readers know about a financial benefit from being on The Hallelujah Diet that many may not be aware existed. When I started The Hallelujah Diet in November 2001, I was taking 16 pills a day for my ulcerative colitis and high blood pressure. Because of my condition and the medications I was on, I was classified as a high risk for the term life insurance policy I had taken out two years prior to making the diet change.

Last month was the anniversary of the policy and because of my age (57) and prior health problems; the monthly premium was going to double. The agent asked if there were any significant changes in my health, and I told him about going on The Hallelujah Diet and losing 30 pounds, blood pressure down to 115/70 without medication, no more ulcerative colitis, no more arthritis, improved eyesight, energy to run 5 miles each day, extremely dry skin had cleared up, bleeding gum condition gone, and on and on. He scheduled a medical exam and as a result of the exam, my insurance premium has been cut in half from what I have been paying these past years.

That is enough in savings to cover my BarleyMax, Fiber Cleanse, B-12 supplement, and Udo's Oil Blend for a whole year. And I no longer have to buy aspirin, cold medicines, tissues, antacids, or laxatives. My snacks are raw fruits and vegetables and salads, which usually are the cheapest items on the menu when I go out to eat. Thank you again for letting me and others know that 'You Don't Have To Be Sick'(or poor)!

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