I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage III out of IV in December 2003. It was in all my Lymph nodes above and below the diaphragm. I ran into a friend of mine two days later and he said I should not do anything until I had watched a tape he had. I watched this tape through completely twice the next day.

I knew then what I was going to do. The tape was by Dr. Lorraine Day. My wife was in a health food store a few days later and just happened to be asked by the clerk what she was looking for. She told him about me and he told her about a health minister living in Hendersonville, TN. named Gay Wynick. A marvelous lady. Just about 6 miles from me in Goodlettsville. She had been through the Hallelujah Diet class in the Carolinas. I was already aware of Hallelujah Diet and had already bought me the Green Star Juicer.

I contacted her and for the first 4 months of 2004 I followed the Hallelujah Diet religiously. I have since modified it. I take Broccoli Extracts. I take Graviola. I take a 16-mushroom extract. I bought a Trampoline. The heart pumps the blood but the Lymphatic System has one-way valves and is only moved by movement. I do the Essiac Tea. I started 35 Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide 5 weeks ago.

I work in Mobile x-ray and will not let the Oncologist Scan me every 3 months. They will scan you to death if you let them. My scan of last March 2004 showed that I had stabilized my Lymphoma. That was the doctors words, not mine. In my scan last week February 22, 2005 the Oncologist came into the room on the 25th and said Dale "most" all your Lymph nodes have shrunk. You are no longer anemic. Your Red Blood cells are in normal range and more importantly your Platelets are back in normal range. He said "I will see you in six months and it is not for a scan, just blood work." I take no medication whatsoever. Blood pressure 120 over 72. I have 5 grandchildren and Lord willing I will see them have their own families. But if not I still have a peace about it. Win or Lose I still Win. This life is not all it is to it. God bless. Genesis 1:29 and III John verse 2.

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