In October 1992, I found a lump on my left breast. Immediately I went for a mammogram. The report came back that it was not cancer, even though it was a very firm mass and palpable. The nurse at the hospital told me not to become paranoid, as she was sure it was nothing. A report was sent to my OB-GYN and that was the end of it.

In June 1994, I went to my OB-GYN for a routine visit. He was alarmed when he felt the lump in my left breast and sent me right away to the same hospital for another mammogram. This time, the report was positive for breast cancer. I immediately had a lumpectomy and had lymph glands removed. Two lymph glands showed cancer cells.

After a few treatments of radiation, my doctor began strong doses of chemotherapy. After my first treatment, I went through menopause, lost my hair, and my hormones got really messed up. I resumed radiation after the two chemotherapy treatments, and then returned for three more chemotherapy treatments.

Simultaneously, I began seeking God and asking why this had happened to me and what purpose it was to serve. God spoke to my mind, telling me that I was going to live, but that there were some things I needed to learn and changes I needed to make. This began my search for a healthy lifestyle. I read and prayed and the truth began to surface.

An old Amish man taught me to juice carrots and to become a vegetarian. Through reading, I realized I needed to cleanse my digestive system, take a green drink daily, in addition to following a strict vegetarian diet. My doctor did not concur with these dietary changes, and begged me not to refuse the treatments. He admitted that he had almost no nutritional training in medical school, but more than once he or his nurses expressed concern about me drinking all that carrot juice.

It was not until the spring of 1996 that I heard about The Hallelujah Diet through a friend from church who brought me your book, 'God's Way to Ultimate Health.' I took the book with me on a trip to California, and started reading it. I was ecstatic when I read about Dr. Malkmus' experiences. I didn't know that anyone in the whole world lived and ate like I did. There were so many similarities.

Later I wondered why I was so surprised, because after all, it was God who had led me in this direction. I have now been on The Hallelujah Diet for over six years, and it has been eight years since my first diagnosis of cancer, and I have had no recurrence of my cancer. Our wonderful bodies are designed by God with the ability to remain healthy, but we must take the responsibility to put the
healthy foods into our bodies to provide the bodies with the nutrients it needs to stay strong.

Not only have I been healed of breast cancer, but God has given me wisdom to care for my body so that my body can remain whole. I am a living example of what God will do when we seek His counsel, and I am happy to give my testimony to anyone who is interested.

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