I am 74 years old, a vegetarian for over two years, vegan for the last year, and just started the Hallelujah Diet two weeks ago.

For years I have had to favor weak knees. I weigh 229 pounds and have had to go up and down stairs one step at a time, not putting my weight on my left knee, since I didn't trust it to not give way and cause me to pitch down the stairs. Of course I held the handrail very tightly. But after less than two weeks on the Hallelujah Diet, I found myself at the foot of the stairs, and suddenly realized I had gone down one step at a time in a perfectly normal fashion, and hadn't even held on to the rail. I couldn't believe it. The only thing different was the Hallelujah Diet.

I'm losing weight for the first time in years. I am diabetic, and my blood glucose readings are much better. I'm still taking Glucophage for my diabetes, but will cut back on it gradually until I can see that I don't need it anymore.

A good neighbor friend was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, stage four, with remaining life from four to six months. He came over feeling wiped out physically. His doc had put him on chemotherapy, which I told him was bad. He decided to go on the Hallelujah Diet, and after a few days showed up saying he felt like a new man--he's pushing weights, running and walking a lot, and feels wonderful. My son is a medical doctor, and I am keeping him fully informed of everything I am learning.

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