I would like first to thank you for your good work that a lot of people can get their good health back from. I want to add my testimony to the list of people who get well by the ideal diet designed by our Lord Jesus Christ so we can show to the world a statistical, living report of good result of this natural diet & life style.

I had colon cancer 2 1/2 years ago. After telling me for a while about the hemorrhoid, the cancer tumor was finally detected. My sister brought me a tape of Dr. Lorraine Day. We watched it and my wife said: That's it! That's the right way to heal your disease! Because it' s the God' way . She cleaned up the kitchen and start put in the good stuff (fresh and organic). Of course we pray to the Lord for giving us the strength and courage to deal with this deathly disease.

I had surgery to remove the tumor a month later. I wish knowing you at that time. My wife told me I do not need a surgery like Rev George! But we had started Dr Day's program (similar to the Hallelujah Diet) and the surgeon told us that the tumor was contained and cleaned. The biopsy confirmed it's was cancer with spreading to the lymph nodes. Devastating!!! Death! Death and Death! But the God's way keeps working in my body.

My wife and our sons, Kevin (13) and Brian (10) also following the same way. I feel better and better every days and months. Last week I could run 3 miles non stop for the first time. Thanks to the Lord, our God, brother George ! I also did not have any sinus (twice a year at least before), cold, flu, tired, or tremor ( I thought of Parkinson like my father). So I believe our bodies is cleaned now, deserved to be the temples of God! Praise the Lord! We take care of my parents at our home for 2 months. My dad had a stroke 3 months ago (not paralyzed! left face affected)! He also has Parkinson's disease for about 10 years, high blood pressure and diabetes. Mom had high blood pressure and weak! They follow our diet (except not believe in God yet ). Mom quit high blood pills after 2 months. She can walk double before and not that tired. Dad cut 1/2 diabetes pills, cut 1/2 high blood pills. He is getting better in general too.

Thanks to the Lord again! I really want to go and learn to be a health minister in your program but could not find the time now. Please pray for that. May God bless you, George, and keep the good work. Thanks to all the people working at the acres. Quyen and family.

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