I know the best help I can get is from the Hallelujah Diet.

It is wonderful to be here finally. I was diagnosed of cancer in July 2011. It was a devastating moment. I didn't know what to do. I had gone to the hospital not because I was sick but just to do an annual check. The declaration that I had a lump on my breast did not scare me till I had spent 7 hours in the hospital receiving many screens on my breasts. Even then I was not very scared. The worst of it came when I was called up to the doctor’s office to receive my results. The doctor walked in and simply declared "I am glad you heed my advice to do a biopsy, you have cancer" I never had such a confusing moment in my life. I screamed but it did not seek like someone outside that room heard my voice. I was supposed to go to work after getting my results from the doctor. At this declaration, my day changed. I went home and searched the internet. I found Dr Gerson and 70 years of treating cancer. I bought ir and red from cover to cover. I knew that natural treatment works. I had surgery and doctors and friends advised chemo and radiation . I refused all and a friend gave me good directions. I consulted a doctor in New York who put me on a diet but I still did not know the how. In 2013 I had improved a lot , finished school and decided to pursue a program at Living Food Institute in Atlanta. There I met Deborah who had come off some kind of cancer with the help of the Hallelujah Diet. We were both learning about the Living Food institute approach to healthy living and healing disease. Hearing this name I remembered a book i had bought titled God's Diet. I was told about it by a friend who herself consequently had cancer. I got excited at this coincidence. I decided to get to know more about Hacres.com. I called up someone at the customer service requesting that I could register as a member but the friend did not help me much. I ordered the Barley Max and fiber cleanse. I knew I would need it in Cameroon and I wanted to be a supplier as well as a consumer of their products. Now in Cameroon I have started a center and to teach people all that learnt about eating right and healing. I love to be a minister with Hallelujah Diet and therefore I love to train as one. I am still healing myself and challenged with the number of patients who have cancer who come to my center, I know the best help I can get is from Hacres.com. I have already provided it to many patients and I trust the amazing results. Hallelujah Diet is wonderful. Welcome to Cameroon. I love the fiber cleanse and the max. Thanks Malkmus and Rhonda. God bless you all. My own part of the world is still very very scared about cancer as it is known as the killer disease that is untreatable. I have learnt it is and want to announce it to the rest of humanity: cancer is reversed. It is reversible. Hallelujah acres has the stories.

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