Dear Dr. Malkmus,

I have MS but MS doesn't have me! When the diagnosis was made in April of 2012, I was relieved to finally know what took hold of my life for so many years. Where the medical field had failed me for such a long time, my chiropractor figured it out and set up an appointment with an MS specialist. I am so thankful someone finally believed me!

My husband immediately researched MS, the drugs, the prognosis, and Hallelujah Acres! The day the diagnosis came, I began the alkaline diet. I had nothing to lose because I already had numb hands, feet, face, and tongue. I already had vertigo, severe vision issues, ringing in my ears, clouded thinking, couldn't complete my sentences, severe weakness, no energy, and couldn't hold my infant grandson.

Because I had such severe exacerbations, I was put on two short-term medications. The first was $20,000 for five shots. It only lasted two weeks, then everything came back. The second exacerbation came just a few weeks later. It was worse than the first. I knew I couldn't continue like this, so I stayed on my alkaline diet, lived through the pain, and went to Halelujah Acres in July. The friendship, the food, the faith, the fun, the family feeling, and Florida was fantastic! That was the first time in two years that I was able to get out of bed without stumbling or falling!

The Hallelujah diet is my life diet. My job is very stressful. The diet has better-equipped me to deal with the stress and has caused much milder exacerbations. I truly believe the exacerbations will be gone and I will be healed of MS!

I was afraid that I would have to give up teaching to overcome MS, but at this moment, I am doing both. It's a struggle, but I am so thankful every day when I am able to help others and be God's vessel.

I thank you for showing us God's plan for the healing of our bodies, which are His vessels! I am on a mission to help others. When I retire (which is very soon), I know what God wants me to do -- help others improve their health through the Hallelujah diet!

Karen, Age 54

p.s. If you want to lose weight, this diet will do just that! I've lost 20 pounds without even trying.

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Jay C.

Jay C.

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