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This is an unusual testimony but nevertheless a wonderful one. We have known about the Hallelujah Acres and diet for about 15 years now when Dr. Malkmus came to talk at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI.

We live in California now and have tried to follow the diet on and off. We have also incorporated health ideas from the book "PH Miracle diet" and Natural cures Revealed" by Kevin Tradeau. Because we are healthy we have not seen miraculous changes in our lives other than staying healthy which in itself is a miracle these days. But it was in the life of our pet where we have seen the wonders of his diet work.

Our daughter gave us a puppy for our birthday, A Yorkie. We came to love her as our own child. And everything was OK until she turned 4 months. One day she started to loose her balance and drooled. She had a glassed look, and just lay down in her bed motionless. We rushed her to the Vet and after many expensive tests, he said that her ammonia was 600, if it went any higher she would be brain damaged and either way she might not make it because she had a liver problem common of that race. He suggested a $6,000.00 operation to shunt her liver and in the meantime some antibiotics and laxative to keep her bowel clean and her ammonia down. He also told us to feed her senior's dog food, because the protein by-product in her body, caused by her high protein puppy food was the culprit to her ammonia being so high, unable to be metabolized by her liver.

We could not afford her surgery, but we where very faithful with her diet and medications. After a few days she really was not doing that much better. She did not like her special diet, had no appetite and was starting to loose weight and get weaker. I also wonder how a puppy would develop on a low protein diet if she ever made it.

One day I was getting ready to do some carrot juice and she was sitting at my feet as always, and started to beg for food, as always. All I had in my hands was the carrots for the juice, so I gave her a piece of carrot just to prove to her I did not have anything she would like, but to my surprise she gobbled it down, loved it, and asked for more. I gave her carrots until her stomach was full, then she trotted away happily and lay down peacefully. It was the most she had eaten in a long time.

Suddenly and idea came to me: She is not eating, does not like her senior's diet anyway, and is not eating, why not try the Malkmus diet and see what happened?

So we prayed to God for a miracle and started feeding her only raw carrots, cucumbers, raw pears, tangerines, baked yams, barley green tablets and other similar things. I also ordered a natural liver cleanser made up of herbs for human consumption, and adapted the dose for her size. Eventually she started to perk up, her ammonia levels and liver enzymes started to come down, she started to gain weight and have energy like no other dog. Two months ago we took her back to the Vet and her levels where all normal. I told him I had not given her any more of the medicines for sometime now. Without asking me for details and very surprised, he said: "Whatever you are doing with her, don't stop".

Thinking she is well now, twice we have feed her meat, only to have her get really sick the next day, and it takes about a day to get her back to normal with the raw diet. As long as we feed her raw things she is in perfect health and full of energy.

She is almost a year now, and people wonder how well she developed with that kind of diet. Well, I'll just say that she started as the smallest puppy of the litter, but now one of her "Normal" sister weights 3 lbs, the other 5 lbs. Ours is double their size and last time we weighed her she was over 10 lbs. She is very playful and full of energy.

Once again it has given us reassurance that God is a good God, and the Malkmus diet is the right one to be on, for ever; not to "cure" an illness only, but to live healthy.

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Because of My Diet, I Don't Have Any of These Symptoms Anymore

Because of My Diet, I Don't Have Any of These Symptoms Anymore

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