My Symptoms of Lyme Disease Have Improved Dramatically!

Since Adopting The Hallelujah Diet My Ovarian Cancer Has Gone Away Reading My Symptoms of Lyme Disease Have Improved Dramatically! 1 minute Next Jay C.

Dear Rev. Malkmus, I was diagnosed with lyme disease in 2000. For the next four years I took every drug prescribed, and when I saw no improvement, I turned to taking a slew of supplements. I saw small improvements now and then, but remained mostly debilitated and unable to function.

In 2004, I read your book, 'God's Way to Ultimate Health.' One day, I was on my way to Charlotte, and decided to pass through Shelby, to see Hallelujah Acres and to have a look at you and Rhonda. I figured if you two looked good, I'd give the diet a try. Now for the punch line! I heard you speak, and you and Rhonda looked pretty darn good, so I decided to give The Hallelujah Diet a try.

I came home and began to juice, and changed my diet, and though I am not 100% on the diet, my symptoms of lyme disease have improved dramatically! Thank you so much for your books and ministry. If you pastored a church in my area, I swear I'd join!

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