Hello, I'm a 38 yr old male that had the incurable disease Ulcerative Colitis. I suffered for 4 yrs while trying all the doctor's solutions. I was on Asacol, Imuran, and sometimes Prednisone. Even with these drugs I never stayed in remission for more than a few months. The doctor told me that what I ate had nothing to do with this condition.

My wife had been reading about the Hallelujah Diet and had become relentless in her attempt to convince me to give it a chance. I just knew it could not work for me because all the drugs the doctor had prescribed were not helping. The doctor already informed me that food had nothing to do with it, so how was I supposed to believe not taking all the medication and eating raw foods would be of any benefit? My loving wife kept after me. At this time I was having the worst flare up of the disease since being diagnosed. She said you are going back to the doctor anyway and you know he will just medicate you more so why not try this diet for one month and if it does not work then go back to the doctor as you planned. What do you have to lose? Knowing my wife, I knew she would never leave me alone until I tried this diet.

I decided to do it and since I just knew it would not work I would be able to use this experience against her for any further argument she would ever try against me with some weird healthy ideal for making us well. I then went on a 7 day distilled water fast (to detoxify from the medication and hopefully speed up the cleansing process). I came off my fast 100% on the Hallelujah Diet. Immediately, all the blood in my stool was gone and over the next few weeks the diarrhea lessened and in 1 months time, to the day, I had my first normal bowel movement. That was August 2000 and there has been no recurrence of the supposed incurable disease since.

I have also noticed other improvements. Fifty unwanted lbs of fat gone! Daily pain in my head and legs gone! Snoring gone! I have a better overall feeling of wellness and feel like a completely new person. Thank you for getting the word out and thanks to my wife Cathy for never giving up when I would have!

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