I was diagnosed with thyroid disease eight years ago at the age of 27. I did everything the doctors said, but I was never allowed to get off the medication.

In early 2001, I started experiencing other problems which my doctor said were related to my thyroid dysfunction. Problems like severe headaches, frequent stiff neck (he said the after affect of thyroid is arthritis), locked joint muscles in legs and arms, chest pain, fatigue and memory problems were becoming the norm for me. These are not normal problems for a woman in her 30's.

My mother introduced me to Hallelujah Diet in 3/2001, and I read "God's Way..." from cover to cover, in addition to a couple of cleanse books. In April, I did a five day cleanse fast, followed by two weeks of raw food only. My raw diet consisted of barley green three times a day, juiced fruits and vegetables and salad. I was a 7-day a week meat eater, and I had no intention of changing my permanent diet. I only wanted to try this for a month to see what happened.

The immediate results were so significant that I decided to become a vegetarian after two weeks. My joint pain and headaches immediately subsided. These seemed closely tied to my elimination of salt and sugar in my diet. I had no more phlegm in my throat every morning; and my bowel movements normalized.

I also quit the thyroid medication after the first two weeks, but I went to the doctor every month to evaluate both my thyroid and physical health. He told me whatever you're doing, don't stop.

I am so excited that I've convinced several others to change their diets as well. It's been a blessing.

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