I am really happy at the results God has given to me since I started The Hallelujah Diet, which I call my new life style. I love being a little independent. I have had to rely on nurses, etc. since 1982 when I was involved in a Hit and Run accident, which left me in a coma. I stayed in a coma, in and out for the next year, then I was let go home with 24 hour nurses. I stayed in bed for the next 2 years. I had to learn to sit all over again. My total right side was paralyzed. I learned to touch my nose and all the simple things I knew from a child I had to learn over again.

God has really been good to me. During this time my ex-husband left me with 5 children, the last of which was born while I was in a coma. But in 1999 God sent me a wonderful man, who is on the Hallelujah Plan now and has lost approx 8 lbs in two weeks. We got married on June 14, 2000 and my life has changed since. Scott (my husband) did a lot of research and found Rev. George and the Hallelujah Plan. Scott married me when I was still in a wheelchair. He is such a wonderful husband. He supports me in everything I do and he knows I want to share my wonderful gift God has given me with the world.

I want to help and tell anyone that will listen to me that you do not have to be sick. I have overcome what most people will say is the impossible but I am the first to say, If Jehovah God had not helped me I could never have done it on my own. It took many hours of prayer and never giving up faith and hope. If you know God can do anything, then all we have to do is have the faith.

Here is just some of the problems I have overcome High Blood Pressure, Obesity (from size 18-20 to size 10-12), Constant Fatigue, Back Problems, Leg Problems, Swelling of feet and hands, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Many Allergies, Headaches, 32 Prescription Medicines, Morphine Dependent, Gran Mall Seizures, Petit Mal Seizures, Eyesight - Prescription reduced for the better 2 times in 1 year, Wheelchair (21 Years),Paralysis, Brain Stem Damage, No Equilibrium, Fractured Lumbar Vertebra, Walking(23 Years Not), Kidney Problems, Fractured Left Shoulder, Staff Infection.

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