I Thank God for Showing Me The Hallelujah Diet and His Way for Healing

My husband and I have reclaimed our health by switching to The Hallelujah Diet. Because of our dramatic and visual weight loss and return to health, people have approached us desiring our help. We have tried to help these people, but believe the Lord would have us channel these dear people through the knowledge and reputable resources of Hallelujah Acres.

I had previously studied health and nutrition for over 30- years, but never had made the important link between living food (raw food containing enzymes) being necessary to properly nourish our living bodies. This is the vital key that had escaped me. We also appreciate the way Hallelujah Acres includes spiritual health in with the physical health. My husband's cholesterol levels had been around 300 for years prior to making the diet change. He had developed sleep apnea, which was very frightening, as he would sometimes stop breathing in the middle of the night. He also would often awake with fiery acid coming up in his throat and it was not unusual for him to down a full bottle of Tums in as little as a week. His knees were stiff and very painful.

Within 2-weeks of adopting the Hallelujah Diet his sleep apnea, along with his fiery acid problem and painful knees were a thing of the past. Within 4-months of making the diet change, his cholesterol was down to 161 and he had lost 55 pounds. Today he is a gorgeous hunk of living health!

Personally, before adopting the Hallelujah Diet, my heart was giving me very strong and painful angina-like symptoms. My pancreas was giving me sharp pains, I was constantly experiencing infections, and after 3-knee surgeries my knees were very stiff, swollen and extremely painful. Since adopting the hallelujah diet, I have lost 45-pounds, my knees are like those of teenagers, with no swelling or pain, and all the pains in my heart and pancreas are gone. I thank God for showing me The Hallelujah Diet and His way for healing!

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