I was at a major crossroad in my life. Due to circumstances involving my husband's work status, our health insurance could be terminated and I wanted to be well.

At the age of 12, I started experiencing joint pain that led to full blown arthritis when I turned thirty. The arthritis affected the joints in my hips, sternum and rib cage and systematically affected my circulation, lungs, swallowing and nervous system. I was currently taking nine medications and they in turn were adding to the complications of the disease.

I had heard about the Hallelujah Diet from a friend and decided it was time to search out more I information. My friend loaned me the tape, "The Miraculous Self Healing Body." My husband and I watched the tape, and decided our first step would be to begin juicing carrots. I ordered the cookbook "Recipes for Life" by Rhonda Malkmus, and simply started eating basic organic green salads.

I saw my rheumatologist six weeks later, and he was amazed with the reduction in inflammation in the joints to my sternum. We had tried numerous Cortisone injections to that area and other therapies, all having little impact, but this diet was working.

We then discussed how to reduce, and hopefully terminate all medication. The most difficult being Prednisone which I had taken for 16 years.

As I continued on the diet the inflammation and pain decreased. After a period of eight months I was medication free! I saw my rheumatologist in late May of 2004. His comment to me was, "I rarely see any patient take control of their own health. You don't need me anymore." He was not only my doctor, but my friend, and after 18 years we said our good-byes.

My body continues to heal itself through this diet of feeding my body the proper nutrients it needs. I can now exercise daily and after 15 years, this past winter, I was able to once again join my husband on the ski slopes.

It is such a joy to be well, a joy I have not known in so long. I am thankful to the Lord for healing my body, and for the knowledge that Dr. Malkmus and Rhonda have shared with us. When we feed our bodies the proper nutrients that are found in raw fruits and vegetables, we truly can be well!

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