I Have Lost 25 Pounds and Haven't Looked or Felt This Good in Years

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During the month of February 2001, I began having a lot of problems going to the bathroom and was going very frequently. On March 12, I went to my family doctor, who after examining me realized the condition I had was a lot more serious than he could diagnose. He immediately sent me to a urologist, who did an ultrasound and found that my bladder was almost completely full. They put me on a catheter to relieve my bladder and kidneys, did blood work, and sent me for a CAT scan on March 13. Then I went back the next day to have a prostate biopsy. On March 14 the urologist diagnosed me as having prostate cancer with a PSA reading of 6.5. As the doctor was giving me his prognosis, he was giving me my options as well. He recommended removal of the prostate and bladder as soon as possible. But even after this surgery, they couldn't guarantee I would be cured. They said the surgery would probably prolong my life for several years. I was given a shot they hoped would slow the cancer growth down, but there was no guarantee I would be cured.

After listening to advice from many people, and a lot of prayer, I chose a different way than surgery. I had read about the Hallelujah Diet in George Malkmus' book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' over 2 years before. There is a lot of wisdom in that book about what to eat and how our food relates to the body God created for us. But at the time I just ignored it and didn't think it was for me. As I read through the book a second time I realized and understood that God created our bodies to heal themselves if we treat them as the temple of the Holy Spirit, as God's Word tells us we should. I began the Hallelujah Diet in April 2001.

At that time, many people were praying for me and even though I was second-guessed by a few people, I had complete peace in my spirit about what I was doing and knew I was on a walk with Jesus. Before going on the Hallelujah Diet, I hadn't felt good for years! But since going on the Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 25 pounds and haven't looked or felt this good in years. I returned to the urologist on June 5 for a follow-up appointment. I shared with him what I was doing, and he examined me and gave me an ultrasound. The examination revealed that my left kidney was back to normal size and my prostate, though still inflamed, had gotten smaller, which meant the cancer was smaller. On June 12 I had blood work done and another CAT scan. On June 13 the doctor informed me that my PSA reading, which had been 6.5 in April, was now down to 1.0. He also informed me that the lymph nodes were no longer swollen and confirmed that the left kidney was back to normal. I give God all the glory for this good report. I'll go back for another follow-up visit in September. By the way, on July 16, I went to my family doctor, who weighed me and took my blood pressure. My weight had dropped from 189 pounds on April 12 to 160, while my blood pressure had dropped from 140/90 to 108/70. Everyone at the doctor's office was amazed. Also, my hair is growing back in the bald spot on the back of my head and also where my hair was receding on the front of my head.

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