Help! I've been on your diet since I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 months. ago. Four of those months have been 100% raw. At yesterday's doctor appt. I found out it's still growing! The doctor keeps saying that what I'm doing is not working. From all the testimonies I've read, it seems I should be seeing some kind of improvement. Is this normal to take longer? I have experienced some improvements in other areas. I had no hay fever this year. The psoriasis that I've had for 15-20 yrs. is just about gone and I've dropped 25 lbs. My lymphs are clear and by blood tests are normal.

I don't know what to do to speed things up, except juice fast. Do you have a suggested plan for juice fasting?

I feel like I'm harboring a runaway freight train.
Your website and books have kept me going and I believe in the great healing power of our bodies.

Thank you for all you do.

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