I Am Able to Walk Many Blocks Without Gasping for Breath!

Four weeks ago it was time for my annual physical with my internist and cardiologist. I gasped for air as I walked across the room and felt smothered. I am nearly 72 years old, female, and weighed a humiliating 225 pounds. Doctors ceased telling me to lose weight a long time ago, as I have been overweight since childhood. I have tried all kinds of diets and finally on one of them lost 72 pounds, but gained it back when I returned to eating instead of drinking protein. I had given up! My life was limited! I felt awful nearly all the time. Had 13 inches of colon removed along with a fist sized tumor in 1993. Was hospitalized and on IVs only for ten days, and did not lose a single ounce. I lived with perpetual colon problems, arthritis, stroke level BP , high cholesterol, dizziness, headaches, and a bleeding fissure. Around Christmas 1998 a registered nurse in our Sunday School shared with me that she was no longer eating meat, but we were not ready to hear. However, by May 1999, when every test report showed stroke level problems, and a fissure that had bled for six months, we were ready to hear. This nurse then gave us your books and told us about her own journey with the Hallelujah Diet. I have a master's degree in education, had some nurses' training, and saw the logic of your thoughts and plan. More than anything I wanted to please God, as my husband and I have ministered since our early teens. And 225 pounds gives God no glory! we began the hallelujah diet May 22, 1999. The first week I lost 16 pounds because in that week I went 'cold turkey' on the diet. We are now completing our third week and I have lost a total of 25 pounds, feel alive once again, the fissure has stopped bleeding, and I am able to walk many blocks without gasping for breath. The arthritis in my hands has ceased aching, and even the old age spots on my husband and myself are fading. The angina is no longer present and sinus drainage has ceased, as have the headaches and dizziness. My husband is a minister of pastoral care for a large Baptist church... and he would come in at the day's end with his 74-year-old feet literally shuffling from exhaustion. No more! When I went on other weight-loss plans I had to starve myself - but on the Hallelujah Lifestyle we are not ravenous. Thank you for sharing what you learned through necessity. We have already made four converts who are totally following your regime.

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