Faye S. got up and gave her testimony . She told how she was on high blood pressure medicine, estrogen, and I believe cholesterol medicine. She has come off all of it and showed me where she had it written down how that her blood pressure had dropped continuously and leveled out (after adopting The Hallelujah Diet). She said she feels so good and has lots of energy. She showed me Doug's (her husband's) blood pressure stats. (Doug is the pastor of a 3,000-member church.) She shared where they had been and where they are now. She said he was on mega doses of drugs of all kinds for his heart. He has that disease of the heart where the doctors wanted to remove the sack around his heart but Doug had told the doctors that he was not going to allow the doctors to do that. The doctors told him that he would have to be on Prednisone the rest of his life. Anyway, after Rev. Malkmus came and spoke, Doug got on this (Hallelujah) diet, and he has come off all of his medicine with the exception of the Prednisone, and he has halved that. He told Faye that he felt better than he had in years. And he no longer has any pain. He told her that he would not have been able to do Bible School this year if he had not been on this (Hallelujah Diet) program. She said since he's the pastor of a large church and they have multimedia productions and he does most of the drama, she showed me his blood pressurevduring that time. It was amazing. She said that they used to say, 'If the house burns, grab the pictures of the children and grandchildren.' Now they say, 'If the house ever burns, you grab the pictures and I'll grab the juicer and Barleymax�!' Isn't that cool!

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