Since Adopting The Hallelujah Diet My Ovarian Cancer Has Gone Away Reading MY WIFE WAS LUPUS FREE...I NO LONGER EVEN TAKE PSA TESTS... 2 minutes Next Jay C.

Thank you, Rev. Malkmus, for 'hitting the nail on the head.' The Standard American Diet is responsible for the people of this nation having the extreme desire for Universal Health Care! Sadly we have too few thinking/informed persons realizing the consequences of such action. You are 'right on' also about the political party that wants the American people to become more and more dependent on government. In my opinion, that party should now be included in the 'axis of evil'.

My wife and I are still doing great health wise after being on the hallelujah diet since 2005, when I was diagnosed with 'aggressive' prostate cancer, and my wife was diagnosed with lupus. My wife was lupus free shortly after going on the hallelujah diet, and I no longer even take PSA tests. Why should I take PSA tests when I would never go the surgery, chemo, and radiation route?

Keep up the great work at Hallelujah Acres! You will never be able to convince all the people that diet is essential to good health just as Christ was/is not able to convince all the people that salvation is essential for a Heavenly Reward. My wife and I have witnessed great similarities between informing Christians about diet and non-Christians about spiritual salvation.

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