Approaching My 57th Birthday I Feel Better Than I Did in My 30s, Maybe Even My 20s

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Before adopting The Hallelujah Acres Diet, I had been on a high protein diet for over a year, a diet I had adopted after reading a book about different blood types. My diet consisted of mostly meat, I was addicted to sugar and ice cream, and drank a liter bottle of Diet Pepsi each day. While on that high protein diet I developed headaches, foggy thinking, painful joints, esophageal spasms, heart palpitations, and itchy, dry skin. I also felt depressed and overwhelmed. Unbelievably, I never connected my symptoms to my diet.

I prayed for guidance, and soon God directed me to a vegan diet and I started working out with a personal trainer at the YMCA in Sarasota, Florida. When I arrived early for one of my sessions, I went to a sitting area to wait, where I found a table with a pile of magazines and newspapers of all sorts. In the pile was a copy of The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle magazine. I flipped through the pages and was strongly impressed to pick it up and take it home, but then chastised myself by saying to myself, 'I can't take that, it would be stealing!' Finally I asked at the desk if I could take it home and was told that would be all right. I read the Hallelujah Acres magazine eagerly. At the time, I was a vegan, but ate mostly cooked foods. I began eating more and more raw foods because I was impressed with their taste and how good the raw foods made me feel. I have now been eating a diet consisting of approximately 95% raw foods since January 2008 and all those physical problems that had developed on the high protein meat diet have disappeared and as I approach my 57th birthday I feel better than I did in my 30s, maybe even in my 20s. I feel energized, excited about life, and vibrantly healthy.

Eating living foods has greatly increased my ability to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I now feel deep gratitude for the perfection of God's creation and how my eyes and heart have been opened so I might understand and apply biblical principles regarding diet and lifestyle. It is so interesting to note what Scriptures we typically weigh more lightly, like Genesis 1:29. In the past, when I read that verse I would think, 'Too bad the garden is gone!'bIt didn't occur to me how significant that passage was until I read Rev. Malkmus' book, The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, and understood it as direction from our Heavenly Father on what we should eat. Man has upset the natural order, by eating dead animals, and dead processed foods with additives. We bless our food and pray for health without thinking of our role and responsibility in creating our own vibrant health. While we take spiritual responsibility for our moral decisions, we leave the body to the ways of the world.

Many people have asked me to teach them about the living foods lifestyle. Most recently, the owner of Veggie Magic here in Sarasota asked me if I would be willing to teach on food preparation, kitchen conversion, and addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of eating raw foods. I told her I would very much like to do this and she asked me if I would be willing to attend Health Minister Training at Hallelujah Acres. I thought back to the magazine in that YMCA waiting room and could see the Lord's hand in how I was guided back to what I had learned in the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle magazine last October.

As a RN and Health Educator, I learned long ago that the medical field is more of an art than a science. I once worked in a major cancer center for 6 weeks. Why only 6 weeks? Because I knew in my heart that the treatments were barbaric and against nature and created prolonged, painful death. Working in a hospital I had seen many people die horrible, painful deaths, and I knew I did not want this for myself. As a RN I would think that Jesus couldn't have suffered much more than some of these people suffered before they died. Thank you for the great work you all do. I have read the book, The Hallelujah Diet, and plan to commit most of it to memory! I deeply appreciate Rev. Malkmus' work. I hope I am accepted for Health Minister Training, and if I am, look forward to meeting you all in Shelby, North Carolina in July 2008.

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Jay C.

Jay C.

Since Adopting The Hallelujah Diet My Ovarian Cancer Has Gone Away

Since Adopting The Hallelujah Diet My Ovarian Cancer Has Gone Away

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