He Felt Stronger Than Ever Before

Dear Dr. G. Malkmus, Praise the Lord! I feel so good in body and spirit since adopting The Hallelujah Diet! Sometimes I wonder whether really one can live like this for all the time. It's so wonderful! Thank you so, so much for the free information that you have so lovingly given to us who took heed of what you have written in your books: 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' and 'Why Christians Get Sick.' Thank you also for all the information that you send us in your weekly Health Tips. It is unfortunate I do not receive your paper magazine Back to the Garden.

I would like to share the following testimony: I shared The Hallelujah Diet with a medical practitioner, a young doctor running a clinic near where I live. I invited him to my flat and gave him all the books I have gotten from you. I showed the tape "How to Eliminate Sickness." He went with some and returned them later.

Yesterday he came to my flat and told me that all the time before he met me and talked about eating well to stay healthy, he used to prescribe a lot of medicine for his high blood pressure patients. After our meeting he decided to talk to one of his patients about eating well to avoid sickness. He gave him only minimal medicine and advised him not to eat meat, milk or any other animal product. He told him to stop taking sugar. The astonished patient wondered what he was going to eat. The doctor advised him to eat plenty of vegetables, all kinds, both cooked and raw. To eat fresh fruits, and to drink fresh juices, but without sugar. And asked him to come back in two weeks for review.

When the patient returned he was happy that he had felt A big change in his whole body. The doctor asked the patient to go back and continue with the same food and come back after a month. When the patient returned after a month, he was a very happy man, and he told the doctor that he had stopped using even the little medicine the doctor gave him. He felt stronger than ever before, and that he could do his work on his farm without getting tired. And now he is a healthy man. Once again Dr. Malkmus, thank you very much. Only God will reward you.

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