My Husband Has Not Had a Single Infection Since Going on The Hallelujah Diet

I No Longer Have Sinus, Colds, or Flu Problems Reading My Husband Has Not Had a Single Infection Since Going on The Hallelujah Diet 2 minutes Next WITHIN JUST 6-WEEKS OF STARTING THE HALLELUJAH DIET, I WAS OFF ALL MY MEDICATIONS

Dear Rev. Malkmus, Just wanted to share with you the weight-loss and healing experienced by my husband and myself after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. I began juicing about 3-years ago after reading your book 'Why Christians Get Sick.' My husband, Bill, was supportive, but was not juicing with me at that time.

About eight months after I began the diet, Bill experienced his 3rd occurrence of 'iritis,' which is a very painful eye infection. He had experienced these infections for most of our 23-years of marriage, but never three times in one year. He jumped at the chance to begin juicing with me after the third occurrence, and has not had a single infection since going on The Hallelujah Diet. Praise the Lord!

I personally lost 15 pounds after going on The Hallelujah Diet and I feel great! No longer do I experience heartburn or the spasms from my esophagus, which had been a normal part of my life! My Husband has also dropped his extra 15 pounds and has also begun to see a drop in his LDL's. And after I convinced him to give up dairy products, he even stopped snoring!

We are currently attempting to share The Hallelujah Diet with family and friends, who need healing for so many medical problems, but we are met with a good deal of resistance.

We are eternally grateful to you and Rhonda for making it your life's work to educate folks like us. We receive so much encouragement from reading other testimonies and watching your videos. We were thrilled to see on your website that you will be speaking in Silver Spring, Maryland on June 5. We live just 20 or so miles from Silver Spring. We thank God for you!

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