Because of The Hallelujah Diet, I Am Still Free of Breast Cancer 5 Years Later

Dear Dr. Malkmus, Greetings in Jesus' name! I recently returned to Nigeria after attending the 11th Annual Health Ministers Reunion. Please thank everyone who worked tirelessly to make the reunion such a success.

I also want to share a testimony that recently happened to me. When I went to my eye doctor, because my eyeglasses were giving me a problem, the doctor tested me and told me that my eyesight had greatly improved and he gave me a lesser prescription. He asked me what was the secret to my improved eyesight and I told him it was a result of being on The Hallelujah Acres Diet. I thank God every day for introducing me to The Hallelujah Acres Ministry 5 years ago after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

When I was first diagnosed with the cancer, the doctors told me I would die in three months, but because of The Hallelujah Acres Diet, I am still free of breast cancer 5 years later. Please pray for me as we continue our work on the Shekinah Lifestyle Center in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. We trust God that our facility will be completed by August and dedicated to the glory of God and service to mankind in September. Jos has a temperate weather and is a land situated on a plateau. The Lifestyle Center will be complete with salad and juice bar, prayer room, gym, massage room, and four guest rooms for clients who will be able to stay with us for a maximum of three weeks. In our Health Food Store, we will have Hallelujah Acres' products for sale.

I am praying for you and your family as you face this challenge with your grandson. It will be well, as the Lord healed me of my cancer 5years ago, He will do it again for your grandson. Our God reigns, let the earth rejoice!

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