I have had Type II Diabetes for about 8 years now. I also weighed 260lbs, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and a slew of other problems. I have also been to surgery twice for Angioplasty and Stent placement. I was in pretty bad shape.

My wife and I heard from a friend about the Hallelujah Diet and decided to give it a try. It was the old "well it can't hurt" idea. We tried to follow the diet as close as possible and after 1-1/2 weeks I was down 20lbs and seeing my glucose levels dropping. We have now been on the diet for about 6 weeks and I have gone from 260 to 212 pounds. As of last Sunday I am 100% off of Insulin, have stopped taking my other diabetes related drugs, have cut my Cholesterol drugs by 3/4 and my High Blood pressure pills by 1/2, and finally no longer take any perscription drugs for IBS or Reflux. Both my wife and I feel wounderful, and have not had a hunger pain since we started the diet.

What a concept! and Praise the Lord!! I actually run between classes on campus now and I used to say this body doesn't run anywhere. We both tell every one that we meet about the diet. We are so grateful for the information that we have received from Hallelujah Diet in the form of books, videos and products. We thank the Lords for showing us the way to this Biblical based life style when we needed it so much. By the way my wife has lost 40lbs and is about to try on her first size 10 since High School.
Oh! is it not great that God had this all figured out for us form the beginning. What a glorious God we serve. In His name.

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