God's Original Diet Has Given Me My Life Back

Before The Hallelujah Diet, my days were spent enduring each moment with incredibly painful migraine headaches. In January, 1990-I was 22 years old- I experienced my first migraine and they kept coming, one right after another. I'd somehow get through my day at work, pick up my 2 boys from daycare and go home and collapse. My husband felt helpless as he watched me endure the pain. Our family life suffered as I was always in bed. Our sons were 2 years old and 2 months old when the migraines first started. My health continued to decline over the next 10 years.

I saw many doctors and took dozens of drugs but nothing stopped the migraine cycle-I was told I'd just have to live with it. I got to a point where I had to constantly wear a hat because air movement from A/C vents, ceiling fans and outside wind was extremely painful. I even slept in a winter knit cap! At night, I tied a heating pad to my head and would quite often get burned if I kept it too hot. Later, I was prescribed a tens unit that I wore to bed. Since the unit automatically turns off every 10 minutes, I would wake up many times during the night to turn it back on. I constantly had small burn marks on my forehead where the nodes attached.

An elder at my church began telling me about The Hallelujah Diet and how he had a cancerous tumor that just disappeared. It almost sounded too easy -- eat fresh fruits and vegetables and get healed. It also sounded difficult as I didn't like vegetables and couldn't see myself eating boring salads the rest of my life. But one day my migraine kept me from church...again. My family went and I stayed home in bed. As the morning wore on, I recalled the conversations I'd had with the elder. I remember thinking, "If I'm laying here in pain simply because of the food I'm putting in my mouth then I've got to be stupid to not at least try The Hallelujah Diet!"

I started The Hallelujah Diet in January 2000 and within two months I was off my daily prescription. I still had migraines but the intensity decreased and so did the number of migraines I endured. As much as I thought I was on The Hallelujah Diet 100%, I didn't really understand the importance of raw foods and ate too much cooked food. I found a support group about one year later but it really didn't offer what I needed. In 2002 or 2003, I found Dave and Sherry Orcutt's support group, Back to Eden.

Dave and Sherry's support group was a wonderful help. But, after a while, I felt like I finally understood the diet and didn't need to attend the meetings any longer, and then I slowly started eating less healthy foods, gained weight and started suffering migraines again. In May of 2004, I got serious with the diet. I started attending the Back to Eden support group, I changed my diet to mostly raw and I went through several juice fasts to help my body detox more quickly. That was over a year ago and I now enjoy the benefits of the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle.

God's original diet has given me my life back. Even though I'm not 100% better, yet, I've come too far to turn back because I know it's just a matter of time before my remaining health issues are gone.

Health problems now cured (or much better):
Migraines are almost non-existent (I no longer have to wear hats!)
Beginning arthritis in hands - gone
Lost 30 pounds
Acne gone
Sinus is clear
Monthly cramps almost totally gone
Have not taken any medicines since January 2005
Chronic constipation getting better

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