Francine T.

Hi George and Olin, I need to share this with you, as I had sent some information to you earlier which indicated that Alfalfa was poisonous to cats. I wondered if Barley Max was safe to use in their food.

One of the stray cats we feed was missing for some time, then showed up two weeks ago so sick he couldn't walk a straight line. Just trying to climb the one 6 � step to our back door, caused him to fall and lose his balance. He was very thin, couldn't seem to meow, and it didn't look like he was long for this world. I prayed over him, and decided to try Barley Max in his food. I didn't think he could get any worse without dying and felt it was his only chance to survive.

Each morning, noon, and evening I gave him small servings of a good quality canned cat food with about 1/8 tsp. of Barley Max. He couldn't eat much food at one setting, but he ate every bite, and within two days I could see and improvement. Today, two weeks later, he appears to be 98% back to his normal healthy condition. His weight is back to normal. He walks soundly with a spring back in his step, meows with excitement again, is able to jump up onto a 29" talbe without loosing his balance, and seems happy again.

What a difference in such a short time! This answers the Alfalfa question for me. At least in the form it takes in Barley Max. It surely was not poisonous to my cat! Thanks for the good work you all do! God bless your richly!

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