Four and A Half Years Later My Weight and Blood Pressure Remain the Same

On October 9th, 1999, Liz, my wife and I went to bed early with plans to get up in the morning and fly to British Columbia to ride horses in the mountains for a few days. After I got in bed I was awakened a few times with a lot of pain. Liz said that we would have to cancel our travel plans and I said 'no' that I would be all-right. Around 2 o'clock in the morning, I started urinating blood and we got ready and drove to the hospital.

The admitting doctor said he thought I had kidney stones and so they put me on a saline solution intravenously and asked me to tell them when I quit urinating blood. Also, they started giving me morphine for the pain. During the next 5 days they gave me many tests over $30,000 worth.
Around the 5th day, my doctor came in and broke the news that I had renal carcinoma (cancer) in my left kidney and a spot behind my right eye. He said they would have to operate and remove the left kidney right away. Because of the information I had on alternative medicine and my faith in God, I said 'No' I would not be having any operation!

They then sent me to another doctor, but I have forgotten what he specialized in. I remember he set up a little podium and started giving me a talk on why I should have the operation right away. My patience had drawn thin and I asked him to leave. My doctor was very upset with me that I would not follow his recommendations. He said that I would have to go home and suffer the consequences of refusing the surgery. He said to at least fill two prescriptions one for high blood pressure (mine being about 200 at the time) and the other for pain. He told me terrible pain would come.

While we were driving home, Liz asked me if we should stop at a drug store. I said 'No' I was going to trust God and start on the Hallelujah Diet. We made fresh carrot juice, and I drank eight 8-ounce glasses every day. I also started to have a fruit plate for lunch and a large raw green salad for dinner each and every day. Within a few days I was talking to Dr. Malkmus from Hallelujah Acres, and he said if he had an active cancer he would not eat fruit. He told me that the natural sugars in fruit might be helping spread my cancer. So I quit eating fruit for one meal and ate another salad instead. I had previously heard Dr. Malkmus on the 700-Club and then had checked out his web site.

The first morning home, Liz and I went out for a walk. I could only walk about 50 feet and was exhausted. My faith was really being tested at this point. The next morning we went walking again and I could walk a little further. We kept walking everyday and in about a month I could walk about two miles. I have learned that daily exercise is as important as a diet change.

My youngest son James, age 35 at the time, and single, came to see me about every day and encouraged me to get a bike and I did. Each day we went out riding and I soon could ride between 10 and 15 miles. One day we made a mistake in our directions and rode over 30 miles without any problem.

I bought a device to measure my blood pressure as soon as I got out of the hospital and I developed a form on my computer to keep track of my blood pressure and weight. Immediately after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my blood pressure started dropping. Within two weeks, without medication, my blood pressure was normal, 120/70. I also started losing weight close to a pound per day. Within two to three months I had lost 70 pounds, and that is the weight I still am today, four and a half years after
changing my diet.

After I had been home about two weeks, I had an appointment with an oncologist. She looked over all the test results and confirmed that I had 4th stage renal carcinoma in my left kidney and a big spot of cancer behind my right eye. She said that she thought the cancer had metastasized throughout my whole body, and that the cancer was so advanced that she did not think I should be operated on. She said for me to just go home and when the pain came again, to call her and she would give me pills for the pain. I asked her how long she thought I had to live and she said between six months and two years at the most. This was a real shock to me. I wanted to go to heaven, but I am in no great hurry!

After returning home from the doctors, my phone started to ring. Cousins I had not heard from for years called me. Churches started praying for me all over Canada and the U.S.A. This was most encouraging. I kept on the diet, exercise, and drinking carrot juice and never felt any pain at any time. It is over four and a half years ago now. I believed then and I believe now that God is the only one that knows when we are going to die. Let me repeat that even if God had not healed me miraculously, God could also have healed me through my following His original Biblical instructions for diet (Genesis 1:29) and exercise. When we follow the instructions that God gives us in the Bible about the care of our bodies, good things happen.

Some people ask why I remain on The Hallelujah Diet after all of the cancer is gone? My thinking is: 'Why should I go back to the diet that caused all of my problems in the first place!

P.S. Four and a half years later my weight and blood pressure remain the same. I have not taken any medication throughout this period of time and have not been to see any doctors for any reason. I plan to go back to the oncologist this summer and be re-tested to verify that I am still cancer free, and so that my testimony can be used for medical documentation.

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