I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2000. Due to other people I had seen in the past who took the doctors' treatments, I had always said that if I were ever to have cancer I would not take the treatments. It always seemed to me that those who took the treatments died sooner.

The day after getting out of the hospital, my pastor gave me some tapes from Dr. Lorraine Day and I got a juicer. I also cut out all meat and dairy and began eating raw. Some weeks later, when I went to the doctor for additional tests, they could find no cancer cells anywhere! Hallelujah! It was more than an exciting moment for me and I can't put into words the way I felt.

But then the doctor said he still wanted to remove the left breast and administer chemotherapy just in case the tests had missed it. I then had to go to the surgeon and tell him I was not going the world's way, but God's way. It was during this time a friend gave me the Hallelujah Diet Web site, and I began to read. In July 2000, my husband and I came to Shelby to become Health Ministers, and when we returned home we began to hold meetings in our home.

We have been having great turnouts and great results from those who have taken on the Hallelujah Diet. Two weeks later the local newspaper ran a half-page article with pictures featuring my healing experience and our ministry. In the newspaper article, not only did I get to give God praise and declare to thousands of people who read the newspaper that God healed my body, I also was able to share the Hallelujah Diet. Isn't God good? We are already getting calls from people who saw the article.

As a result of the Hallelujah Diet, I have lost twenty pounds and feel great. My husband has lost thirty pounds and has no more acid reflux. His snoring has stopped, his gums have stopped bleeding, and he feels great. We are sharing this Genesis 1:29 Hallelujah Diet everywhere we go, and we want to thank you for sharing it with us.

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