It Feels Good to Feel So Healthy!

This week it will be two years since Anna and I started with the 'Hallelujah Lifestyle' and the results never cease to amaze us! It appears that our immune system has completely rebuilt. Since going on the diet two years ago, we have not had a cold, flu, headache, or any physical problem whatsoever. Plus, no more MS, arthritis, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, toenail fungus, or hemorrhoids.

Since making the lifestyle change we have not taken a flu shot or a single drug of any sort, and have not seen a doctor except for a couple of stitches after an accident. Feels good to feel so healthy on a simple raw food diet and exercise regimen. Yes, it is that simple! Fruits, vegetables, vegetable juices, Udo's Oil, a variety of nuts, grains, legumes, and as an insurance policy, dehydrated barley juice powder, just in case the fruits and vegetables come out of a soil that may have been depleted of minerals.

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