I am 23 years old, and would like to sympathize with Amy Allen, whose testimony appeared in Health Tip #311. I have known about The Hallelujah Diet for 5 years and have implemented parts of it into my life and seen great results!

No more ulcerative colitis symptoms since adopting The Hallelujah Diet after attending Health Ministers training in Canada in August 2003. praise God! I have more strength and energy and need less sleep. In fact, I just feel better all over as I implement The Hallelujah Diet more and more.

I got on The Hallelujah Diet after a friend shared it with me, and introduced me to your book 'God's
Way to Ultimate Health.' There are odd days when I stray from The Hallelujah Diet and eat something from the SAD, but move on with my life the next day, as there is no going back for me. With The Hallelujah Diet, I can serve the Lord better. I know also of the spiritual battle Amy Allen is experiencing, as Satan frequently tempts me also. None of my friends really understand what I am doing, and they think I am 'nuts', or 'weird,' or even 'strange,' but they are still my friends. I will send another Hallelujah Diet testimony in the future. I am a busy Bible College student at Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you for sending me the Hallelujah Health Tip each week. Please keep sending them!

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