I Experienced Wonderful Results From My Dietary Change

I started the Hallelujah Diet about one year ago and attended the Health Minister training in March 2001. I have experienced wonderful results from my dietary change but the most rewarding part of being a Health Minister is helping others to achieve "optimum" health.

This is the testimony of my 72 year old cousin. His name is Ello Lane and he lives in Columbus, GA. Ello spent October and November of 2001 in the hospital. He had kidney failure, gout, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholestrol. I visited him in December only to find a man who was gravely ill and in much pain. He had difficulty walking because his feet were badly swollen due to gout.

I was on the Hallelujah Diet, however, I wasn't ready to share this lifestyle change with a 72 year old who may be "stuck" in his ways. But I did ask to see his dietary plan that the dietician had given him. To my amazement, the dietician had instructed him to eat "a lot" of protein because his red blood counts were low. From my studies I knew that excess animal protein causes this disease. Still not brave enough to share my new found knowledge, I went to HA's website and printed information for Ello to read. The following day, he called me to say that animal protein seems to cause a lot of health problems. Still I didn't encourage him to change his diet.

Finally, in July 2002 Ello and I met again. This time with all boldness and authority, I told him about the Hallelujah diet. On August 1, 2002 he started the Hallelujah diet. When he started the diet, he was taking six different medications and having kidney dialysis four hours per day three days a week. He purchased a Gold Star juicer from Hallelujah Acres and immediately began juicing and eating only raw vegetables and fruits.

Within days he reported that he no longer suffered from constipation, he had a drastic increase in energy, his joints were no longer stiff, he slept soundly at night and would awaken refreshed and filled with energy. By August 15, with the doctor's consent, he was taken off five of his six medications. By August 31,2002, he was taken off the final medication. Also, his time on the kidney dialysis has been decreased by 15 minutes. Ello tells me that he feels as well as he felt when he joined the military over 50 years ago. In less than 30 days, he was able to get off all his medication and return to state of wellness that he never imagined possible. He is telling anyone who will listen that "you don't have to be sick". I looking forward to bringing him to Health Minister Training in the Spring of 2003. Because of his testimony several people who take dialysis with him are now on the Hallelujah Diet. Now I know how it feels to say with confidence that you don't have to be sick. Hallelujah!

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