Everyone Around Me (Including Myself) Are Amazed at How Well I Am Doing

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I was diagnosed with MS in June 2001(although, of course, I knew something was wrong since 1996).

My wonderful mother, started bringing me everything she could find on the internet regarding MS, general health, etc. The more I learned about what your immune system does in people with MS, and the more I learned about what things like sugar, effects your immune system, etc. it all started making sense to me. Then, she brought me information on The Hallelujah Diet. It all started fitting together for me and I knew I had to try the Hallelujah lifestyle. At that time I had nothing to lose.

I had already tried the conventional methods of treatment for MS. I went through the IV steroids & oral steroids (I thought I was going to kill me) butthe symptoms continued. I started on Copaxone injections every day, and was taking Aricept for memory problems, baclofen for the muscle spasms, Provigil for the incredible fatigue, plus multi vitamins, calcium and vit D, and injections of B12 for my pernicious anemia.

I was not getting better, just slowly getting worse. I had to rest almost all day so I would be able to have enough energy to cook dinner and do the dishes in the evening. I had developed muscle weakness in my left arm and left leg. It was difficult to walk most days and definitely painful and difficult to walk or even move until about noon each day. Most of the time, I couldn't walk up the stairs, in fact most nights I would crawl up the stairs and sit and rest about every 4 or 5 steps. In the mornings, I couldn't even hold a cup of coffee in my left hand. I was unsteady and off balance. I couldn't mentally function with out assistance.

By December of 2001, my injection sites had become swollen, red, with large knots and would last about 5 days. My grandchildren would try to hug me and I would cringe because it would hurt. That's when I decided to stop the injections for a while, at least until after Christmas.

By January, I had read enough information that I decided to try the Hallelujah diet. I had nothing to lose. My neurologist wasn't very thrilled with me and said what you eat has nothing to do with anything. But, never-the -less, I told him I was going to try it for 6 months.

I thought that if anything as simple as changing your diet, could really work, that everyone would know about it. But I knew that God had never let me down, and had always seen me through. I also knew God was calling me to this lifestyle. It is so amazing to me how God's answers and gifts are always so simple, but humans always take His gifts and twist them and turn then until we have something so distorted that it hurts us. I think that is what we have done with eating. Eating was meant to nurious our bodies; however, now we do it for taste and don't even nourish our bodes but instead make ourselves sick with chronic degenerative diseases.

Well, I started the Hallelujah diet in January 2002. I was on the diet for about 3 months before I noticed any difference in my MS symptoms. However, my irritable bowel syndrome that I had had for about 7 years, was gone after 3 days on the diet. My digestive problems (which I've had since I was a teenager,) were gone after about 1 week, and my chronic sinusitis that the doctor had told me I would always have was gone right away too. After 3 months, I realized that I wasn't having to take naps anymore. Then that my balance was better, and I didn't have numbness and tingling and aching in my torso anymore, and then in my arms and legs, etc.

I have now been on the diet for only 9 months, and everyone around me (including myself) are amazed at how well I am doing. I feel better than I have felt in 5 years and I keep getting better. Almost all of my MS symptoms are gone. And I am off all my MS medicine. The only thing I am taking now is one injection per month of B12 for pernicious anemia (a condition caused when your body quits producing an enzyme that allows your body to absorb B12). I haven't even had a headache since I began this diet.

Last month, my husband had to go on a business trip, so I went with him. I walked all over the city. When ever my husband would go out site seeing with me, we would have to sit down and rest because he would get tired and have to rest. He told me that he couldn't believe that less than 1 year ago I could hardly walk from one room to the next without being totally worn out and now was out-walking him. Praise God for bring such a simple answer which has allowed me to live again! I feel great!

People are constantly telling me how healthy I look and I keep passing on the good news that "you don't have to be sick!" Several friends have started the diet as well as three of my daughters and two of my granddaughters.

Thank you for being a vessel that God could use!

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