I have had leukemia for the past four years. I can't wait for my next check-up on July 13 to see what effect the diet and exercise will have on my blood count. My doctor does not know that I started the Hallelujah Diet. I learned about the Hallelujah Diet from a Catholic priest, Father Ledoux, who writes for 'Mississippi Today,' and from Rita Martinson, our local state representative. Hey, you're getting some good press out here!

Well, my check-up went fine. Here are the stats: White blood cell count cut in half, down to 4900 * Heartbeat, down to 65 * Weight, down 13 pounds * Acid reflux, totally gone - no more Zantac * Morning cough,gone - no more Claritin * Sleeping like a baby, no more sleeping pills * Ringing in ears, down to a minimal * Daily energy level, somewhere up there in the clouds * Lost all cravings for meats, fish, poultry, desserts, sugar, salt, milk, white bread and butter. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! The doctor cut my prescription (Hydrea) dosage in half for the leukemia! She wanted to cut it more but decided to wait until my next blood test in two weeks to be sure this isn't just a fluke! Hallelujah!!

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